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Waterfall Victoria Evo

After 8 successful years of existence , The Iguasçu and Victoria are being replaced by the Iguasçu EVO and Victoria EVO, developed in partnership with Atohm.

These new models are still using the Waterfall “ADT” ( Acoustic Damping Tube ) Technology, but are now combined with a brand new generation of Atohm’s drivers, namely : the Medium/bass drivers LD 150 equipped with membrane made of a specific alloy, the Tweeter SD20 and a passive driver for deep bass UFR 210.

These drivers are the result of many years of research and development in the mechanical and magnetic fields aimed at reaching higher levels of performance , an ever more natural sound and total absence of distortion.

Apart from the glass parts, all the other parts are made of die cast aluminium.

With its new exclusive design, the shape of the base has been completely modified to be able to integrate a deep bass passive driver UFR210 in a “down firing” position. This extra flat , 21 cm driver, radiates the deep bass frequencies directly to the ground. It is possible to adapt various size masses in order to adjust the deep bass extension by modifying the resonance frequency of the driver.

The Iguasçu EVO is now a 2 Way / 3 drivers and the Victoria EVO becomes a 3 Way/ 4 drivers. The already remarkable power handling on the previous models has been noticeably increased as well has reaching unprecedented levels in the bass frequencies. Very high power handling and very low distorsion

In comparison with the previous models the EVO series offers :

- extremely low distortion levels - increased power handling - remarkable low frequency extension - enhanced materials: use of die cast aluminium on all non glass parts. - drivers now available with grills.