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Musical Fidelity A308 *ster occasion

Prachtige A308 versterker, 

While Musical Fidelity’s Tri-Vista integrated is significantly more expensive, the A308 is by no means a poor relation. According to Musical Fidelity, the A308 uses much of the same circuitry as that contained in the flagship Tri-Vista and actually outperforms that limited-edition integrated in several respects. Rated at 150Wpc into 8 ohms and 300Wpc into 4 ohms, the A308 uses two pairs of bipolar output devices per channel. I would guess that the A308 is either underrated or over-heatsinked, as even when driving my large, fairly inefficient speakers at party volumes for an entire night, the A308’s heatsinks never got any more than slightly warm. If the A308 were ever going to overheat, that would have been the time. This integrated amp is tough, I tell you.

Weighing in at a chunky 45 1/2 pounds, the A308 looks smaller than it is due to its elegant casework. The aluminum faceplate is tastefully brushed, and the heavy-gauge steel top, bottom and heatsinks are unusually well mated, which results in a hewn-of-a-piece feel. The significant density of the A308 is in part due to the large power supply. Dual mono from the power cord back, the A308 is stuffed full, using two rather large toroidal transformers. 

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Kleur: zilver

Prijs: € 999,00

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